Teacher Surveys: Consequential Validity Study

In this post we present data and comments from the teacher particapants of our Consequential Validity Study.

Joseph F. T. Nese https://education.uoregon.edu/people/faculty/jnese , Akihito Kamata https://www.smu.edu/simmons/AboutUs/Directory/CORE/Kamata

The Consequential Validity Study was a longitudinal study conducted in each of the 2017-18 and 2018-19 school years, with four waves of assessments during each year. For specific details about the study procedures, go here.

After each assessment wave, participating teachers responded to brief surveys with questions about traditional oral reading fluency (ORF) assessments, the CORE system, the assessment environment, or the study itself. Survey items were similar at each wave of assessment (across years), but different across the each of four waves within a school year.

Here are the results of the Teacher Surveys